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Acuregen announced the opening of their teaching academy in North London in October 2015.  Please keep an eye on the websites for our training programme and special events.  You will also have the opportunity to meet the College of Chinese Medicine teaching staff when indicated.
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from 2016
Please apply to CCM Certification for your CPD Certificate by submitting this form after completing your course  
There is £20 charge for this payable after submitting the certification form


Acuregen Academy,

131a East End Road, London N2 0SZ
Amanda Shayle +44 7778267778 email


Amanda Shayle MAcS MPCHM CertNatSci
Founder & CEO Acuregen Ltd
Vice Chair, The Acupuncture Society
Senior Lecturer, The College of Chinese Medicine

00 44 7778 267778


General note:
Acuregen Courses have now been established since 2006 and has evolved through research and development within the teaching environment and in our clinics. 
Our courses continue to remain "work in progress" and we encourage past students to maintain close contact with us via our private network: The Acuregen Cosmetic Acupuncture Network, now a Facebook group. 
In addition we offer special prices for our new programme of Master Classes for 2017.  These will be available to learners after completion of Core 1 and Core 2.

We recommend that Acuregen Core 1 is attended first.  This provides the foundation for theory and clinical work.

 In 2017 Core 1 and advanced Core 2 are available as a full 4 day certification course.  For those already trained in Core 1, Core 2 can be now taken as an advanced module.  This will include a review and update on skills which have significantly changed with improved clinical outcomes.

Core 1: £498 (£415 plus VAT)  If booked singly
Core 2: £498 (£415 plus VAT)  If booked singly
Both booked together: Normal price £1195 (£996 plus VAT). Discounted price is £1020 (£850 plus VAT)

Please apply to for your certificate on completion of the course. £20 charge direct with The College of Chinese Medicine. This is reduced from the usual £30 for our students.




London Academy

Core 1 Acuregen Cosmetic Acupuncture


Special new year offer of


2 Day or 4 days with Core 2

Group size max 8

4 days £1020 discounted from £1092

28, 29 JANUARY

London Academy

Core 2  Advanced Cosmetic Acup. with Medical Microneedling incl pen


Special new year offer of


 2 Days or 4 days with Core 1

Group size max 8


London Academy

Core 1 Acuregen Cosmetic Acupuncture £546

2 Day or 4 days with Core 2

Group size max 8

4 days £1020 discounted from £1092


Monday, Tuesday

London Academy



11, 12 MARCH

Peaceful Meadow Retreat Boulder CO

Core 2  Advanced Cosmetic Acup. with Medical Microneedling incl pen


Core 1 Acuregen Cosmetic Acupuncture




2 Day or 4 days with Core 1

Group size max 8 (UK only)


2 Days

Residential available

17 to 20 MARCH

Friday to Monday

Core 1 and Core 2 USA Debut

Yo San University, Los Angeles

CEU accredited Ed Provider


Early bird $895

Ends 14 February

Yo San Students $850

4 days

Free access to our International Correspondence Course material one time only

25,26 MARCH

Saturday, Sunday

London Academy

Core 1 Acuregen Cosmetic Acupuncture £546

2 days or 4 days with Core 2

Group size max 8

Book 4 days £1020 discounted from £1092

27, 28 MARCH

Monday, Tuesday

London Academy

Core 2  Advanced Cosmetic Acup. with Medical Microneedling incl pen £546

2 Days or 4 days with Core 1

Group size max 8

Please contact
Amanda Shayle
(or if you have problems with this email address). Amanda will send you a detailed information booklet by email on these courses.

Acuregen are at the forefront of developments emerging for cosmetic acupuncture with patents pending on uniquely branded needles, cosmetics and clinical materials designed for purpose. Our brand is becoming recognised worldwide and those who wish to advance as licenced practitioners will have a unique clinical opportunity moving forward.  As we pride ourselves on including the latest in cosmetic treatments, the integration of LED Light therapy is now included in the practical aspects of this course.  A unique system from collaboration in the USA in 2014 is now available to those interested.
  Acuregen run courses internationally and have a growing international collaboration of professionals involved in this special area.  We are delighted with our continued long-standing relationship with The College of Chinese Medicine and The Acupuncture Society.

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Thrive needles with our new LED Light system from the USA.
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Japan 2011 
Link for Acuregen Cosmetic Acupuncture Products including new Thrive Intradermal needles:
Acuregen Website

Course ContentAcuregen Cosmetic Acupuncture Core 1


Course Content Return to Top ↑

This 2-day seminar is very practically orientated with lots of hands-on training. The basis of TCM anti-ageing treatments is explained both in scientific and traditional terms. Groups are small and there will be a high student/lecturer ratio present during your training at all times.

After the course, we will invite you to join our free-of-charge Cosmetic Acupuncture Network which will enable you to stay in touch, ask questions and share research on the members' forum. We will post regular CPD events and workshops and, ultimately, the Network will become a platform for a self-regulatory group with a view to future Government regulations.

Course Structure: The course consists of one morning of lectures on the scientific basis of cosmetic acupuncture and the latest research and the TCM principles of anti-ageing treatments, followed by a full demonstration of cosmetic facial acupuncture. The second day is dedicated to practical training during which participants are required to practice on each other. Please make sure that you are happy for other practitioners to practice on you when enrolling in this course!
(For details see: Course Outline below)

The knowledge gained will allow participants to treat the following cosmetic conditions confidently and effectively:
Lines and Wrinkles, Enlarged Pores, Acne Scarring, Discoloration, Dull Complexion, Dryness, Sagging and Loss of Muscle Tone, Puffy Eyes, Sagging Neck, Acne and other dermatological problems.

The course is based on two day sessions, with a strong emphasis on practical training. The theoretical lesson gives an overview of the following:

The Mechanisms of Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture: A PowerPoint presentation on recent research in the field of molecular biology and electro-physiology and a view on cosmetic acupuncture in science. The presentation aims to demonstrate who acupuncture works on a cellular level and hence by which mechanism it appears to slow down and reverse the effects of ageing.

The Mechanisms of Ageing: Comprehensive lecture notes and email downloads will be provided on the following: Endocrine System Ageing, Immune System Ageing, Conjunctive Tissue and Skin Ageing, Cellular Ageing, Macromolecular Ageing, Histology of Ageing and Inflammation.

Mechanisms of Ageing in Chinese Medicine: Changes in the Endocrine System, Organs and Body Fluids, Heat and Dryness and other factors.
Environmental Damage: Importance of Lifestyle, Diet, etc.

The practical training: This consists of a full demonstration of the treatment, followed by the participants practicing on each other and/or models if required. All materials are provided.

Treatment discussion: Body Acupuncture (Theory and Practice), Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture (Theory and Practice), Preventing Premature Ageing - Lifestyle, Diet, Supplements, etc.

Certification: Participants are awarded a Certificate of Cosmetic Acupuncture and are eligible for membership as Cosmetic Acupuncture Practitioner Member of the Acupuncture Society and are therefore entitled to use the initials MAcS CA.
(Annual membership to the Acupuncture Society is £100) Participants will also be invited to join our Acuregen Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Network.


Course ModulesModules Return to Top ↑

· Day 1: Morning –Registration, Lectures/Discussion, Lunch break, Afternoon: Demonstration, Questions

· Day 2: All-day training with lunch break, Time for Questions/Discussion

Clinicare Medical Microneedling and Acuregen Collagen Induction Techniques Return to Top ↑


Microneedling has a growing base of studies with histology to demonstrate the effectiveness of this cosmetic therapy. It is the an incredibly useful adjunct to cosmetic acupuncture which should always act as a foundation to these treatments which we recommend are not delivered stand-alone. We consider that our researched training approach will ensure that our practitioners will deliver therapies that are safe, enjoyable and with responsible audit measures built into the treatments.

This course is taught as part 2 module. It also forms a module of our new diploma course.

Students will receive a significant set of notes, including home study pack and instructions for case study assignments and audit methods. The course will cover micro needling as well as medical microneedling - referred to as 'dermaroller' and also the use of auricular acupuncture. A detailed theory lecture is followed by extensive clinical training. Access to the Acuregen Cosmetic Acupuncture Network and further opportunities to refresh skills are part of our commitment to best practice. This course is accredited by the Acupuncture Society and Associated Beauty Therapists - a large insurer of over 7000 beauticians and spas.

Course FeeFeeReturn to Top ↑

Membership to the Acupuncture Society is available to course attendees
(upon paying the annual membership fee of £100)

(Please note that course fees are non-refundable)

Fees are directly payable by debit card, bank transfer or cheque directly to Acuregen Limited. You will receive an invoice once your application has been accepted. Certificates are issued by application on the CCM website, once approved. There is a charge of £30 payable directly to CCM.

Course AdmissionAdmission RequirementsReturn to Top ↑

Fully qualified acupuncturists and doctors, dentists, State registered health professionals, physiotherapists, and other medical professionals licensed to practice acupuncture with anatomy and physiology


The list below is a student safety guide used prior undertaking a CCM course. We aim to protect the health and safety of students in training and also those they practise on during and after the course.

If you suffer from any of the conditions listed below or other conditions which have not been included that you feel are relevant, please inform us prior to class treatments so that we can assess you suitability for such treatment.

Where there is any doubt please consult your GP.

- A recent operation
- An untreated medical condition
- Severe Bone or joint disorders (Rheumatoid/Osteo arthritis, osteoporosis)
- Cardiovascular disorders (high blood pressure, heart / circulatory desease, thrombosis)
- Diabetes
- Endocrine disorders
- Epilepsy
- Drug addiction or recent use of cocktails of recreational and prescribed drugs and or exessive alcohol consumption
- Medication
- Pregnancy (or post natal)
- Severe skin disorders
- Severe mental illness
- Spinal injuries
- Prone to fainting
- If you suffer from infectious diseases like hepatitis b or HIV

You must also have eaten about 2 hours prior to treatment (please inform tutor if you haven't.

For health and safety reasons all applicants are required to have good eye sight (or with the assistance of glasses) and fine motor skills due to the nature of this work.

- If there anything else we should know about your health, please let the tutor know.
- The same proceeding is required prior to treating your clients or during assignments

Course TutorTutorsReturn to Top ↑

Kirsten Dhar
Kirsten Dhar MAcS MPCHM

Senior Lecturer
Research and Development
Natural Sciences

Kirsten Dhar, a member of the Academic Board of the Acupuncture Society, heads the department of Research and Development at the College of Chinese Medicine London and lectures ‘Anatomy & Physiology’, ‘Clinical Research for Practitioners’ and ‘Cosmetic Acupuncture & Anti-Ageing Treatments’, ‘Acupuncture in Science’ as well as various CPD courses and seminars. She had extensive training in various styles of facial acupuncture and developed her own system combining the most effective and comprehensive treatment methods.

After years as a Research Analyst for Pharmaceutical Companies with Goldman Sachs and Nomura and as senior executive at Mitsubishi Banking, Kirsten began studies in Biomedical Sciences, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Pharmacology at the College of Chinese Medicine.

Kirsten is on the on the training list of NoCLoR, the North London Research Consortium (Department of Health) and an associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine in the sections ‘Clinical Neurosciences’ and ‘Pharmaceutical Medicine and Research’.

Kirsten’s background is in Natural Sciences and TCM. Having spent time studying cellular signal transduction with an aim of conducting research into herbal substances and acupuncture in the treatment of cancer and HIV, she has taken up further studies in Forensic Science and Molecular Cell Biology.Amanda Shayle

Amanda Shayle MAcS MPCHM

Amanda is a Practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. She is joint head of research and development as well as a senior lecturer for the College of Chinese Medicine, London. She is also Vice Chairman of The Acupuncture Society, a professional society of TCM practitioners, representing members on The Acupuncture Stakeholder Group (ASG) previously working towards statutory regulation under the Health Professions Council, and The Microsystems Acupuncture Regulatory Working Group (MARWG), currently working towards voluntary self regulation under the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

As a Clinician in private practice she has a special interest in women’s health, with particular interest in cosmetic acupuncture, infertility and cancer prevention. She is a Member of the Acupuncture Fertility Network and London Acupuncture Childbirth Team - ACT London. She lectures in Cosmetic Acupuncture and runs a private on-line forum, The Acuregen Cosmetic Acupuncture Network, working towards continued development and safe practice as well as research projects.

Amanda is committed to promoting the integration of acupuncture into the NHS and developing scientific CAM research methods. Her collaboration with award-winning Getwell UK and departments within the NHS Research Consortium resulted in a successful and groundbreaking conference in October 2007 exploring the complexity of evidence base research, commissioning of CAM services and the possibility of integrated clinical studies. In June 2008 she represented acupuncture in a debate at the UK National Smoking Cessation conference.

Amanda’s background is in Natural Sciences and she is currently undertaking further scientific studies in order that she will be able to make an up to the minute scientific contribution to the researched evidence base projects that she hopes to soon be instrumental in developing and being involved in.

Application FormApplication FormReturn to Top ↑

Please submit this form and the course tutor will respond to your email to inform you of whether you have been accepted.

Please contact Amanda Shayle at
(or if you have any further enquiries about this course

Amanda will send you a detailed information booklet by email on these courses.

Acupuncture SocietyAcupuncture Society membershipReturn to Top ↑

Successful graduates from this course can apply for membership of the Acupuncture Society are entitled to use the abbreviations MAcS CA after their names the society can also arrange professional indemnity insurance at a very competitive members preferential rate

all members must be insured and log 15 hours of CPD per year (8 hours courses/seminars/workshops and 7 hours home study/research)

Acupuncture Society Application Form

if they join the Society and adhere to its code of ethics rules and regulations and supply copies of their insurance.

Acupuncture Society members are exempted from Local Authority Licensing in many areas including Greater London please check with your local authority.

The annual membership to the Acupuncture Society is £100

The College of Chinese Medicine

Thank you for your application!

Your course tutor will contact you as soon as possible.
If you do not receive a reply within the next few days please call the course tutor.