Yi Mu Cao, also known as Leonurus heterophyllus or Motherwort, is an herb commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with specific uses, limited research findings, and a few contraindications. Here’s some information regarding its uses, research findings, and contraindications:

TCM Uses:
1. Regulates menstrual cycle: Yi Mu Cao is often used in TCM to regulate the menstrual cycle and address various menstrual disorders. It is commonly recommended for conditions such as irregular periods, painful menstruation, and uterine cramps.

2. Invigorates Blood circulation: It is believed to have properties that can invigorate Blood circulation. Yi Mu Cao is sometimes used for conditions associated with Blood stasis, such as postpartum recovery or pelvic congestion.

Research Findings:
1. Uterine activity: Some research suggests that Yi Mu Cao may have uterine activity, which may help to regulate the menstrual cycle. However, further studies are needed to understand its mechanisms and effectiveness fully.

2. Anti-inflammatory effects: Preliminary studies have indicated that Yi Mu Cao may possess anti-inflammatory properties. This suggests its potential for reducing inflammation and related symptoms.

1. Pregnancy: Yi Mu Cao is generally contraindicated during pregnancy due to its potential to stimulate uterine contractions, which may increase the risk of complications. It’s best to avoid using it in pregnancy unless specifically recommended and supervised by a qualified healthcare professional.

2. Yin deficiency and cold patterns: Yi Mu Cao is considered to have cooling properties in TCM. Therefore, it should be used with caution or avoided in individuals with Yin deficiency or cold patterns.

It’s important to consult with a qualified TCM practitioner or healthcare professional before using Yi Mu Cao. They can provide personalized guidance, assess contraindications, and ensure the safe and appropriate use of this herb based on your specific circumstances.

Dosage 4 tsin
Granules 2ml Spoon
Ground Raw Herb 4ml Spoon
Whole Herb 10gm